Sustainable Stationery for Your School And Office

There is no better time to change your daily activities and make them eco-friendly. Selecting school stationery and providing stationery products to your kids can be a great place to start. You may be able to change your complete school supplies at once but you can select environment-friendly products when you have to.

There are some best stationery products that you can get from School Stationery suppliers Dubaito decrease your office carbon footprint.


1. Recycled paper products

Select recycled paper products that can be recycled after use. From paper cups, plates to envelopes, recycled paper products now come in different forms. A sustainable change in this department will have an important positive effect considering how often paper products are used by the office


2. Eco-friendly pens and pencils

Using pens made from renewable is the best way to make your office eco-friendly. Also, pens and pencils are used in schools. You can select refillable pens to diminish some waste. Also, you can print your company logo on eco-friendly pens to provide future clients to make a good impression.


3. Staple free stapler

This is a new concept in which the device works like a hole puncher and uses the paper itself to keep pages together. This will help to remove the need for metal staples that are used once and discarded.


4. Packing tape

Every office has a packaging department where packaging things are done and all the materials related to packaging kept there. These packaging products are not compostable but also cut down on shipping prices. Also, you can find the packing tapes at home or school so that the kids can easily gift each other things.


5. Lunch boxes and water bottles

Are your children carrying plastic bottles to school? How about changing them with steel bottles that are durable as well as versatile? There are lots of decorative alternatives available for lunch boxes and water bottles for school students.


6. Use the natural product and recycled bags

Avoid bags made from PVC as they are made up of chemical that is unsafe for your kids. Also, you can buy pencil boxes that are made from natural materials such as jute.


So, these were some stationery products that one should get from any of the stationery shops. Also, you can connect with Al-furqan Trading for the best school stationery products. You can easily get the stationery products from one of the best school stationery suppliers Dubai at reasonable prices

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